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About Mille

From the Nordic Kingdom of Happiness, Mille provides quality Danish infant formula to the world.
At Mille, we pride ourselves on strictly enforcing the food safety standards of Denmark, one of the safest countries according to reports from the Global Food Security Index.
In 2017, Mille became a global strategic partner of the Danish national badminton team, and was entrusted with investment from the Danish National Growth Fund, Vækstfonden.
From Fairy Tale to you.


Mille über premium

Moko is an infant formula series based on fresh cow milk.
Our best known brand
Moko is a premium product based on fresh cow milk and contains essential vitamins and minerals. ​
Moko consists of a range of important ingredients such as CPP (casein phosphorpeptides), Lactoferrin, Hydrolyzed whey protein powder, OPO, Bifidobacterium animalis (BB-12), Lutein and DHA. ​
Moko is composed especially to serve the needs of the Chinese market, and produced, sealed and packed in Denmark.
Moko series consists of three stages divided according to the child’s age and nutritional needs.



Småbørn is a special series well suited for the Chinese market
Purity from Scandinavia
Småbørnis a product series composed by a carefully selected combination of ingredients to suffice the demand of the Chinese market.
Småbørnis produced, sealed and packed in Denmark. ​
Småbørnconsists of three stages divided according to the child’s age and nutritional needs.
Småbørnis available in cans of 800g.​



Møko is an organic product series suited for the international market.​
organic product series
Møko is an EU certified organic product based on organic milk and natural ingredients. Møko is available internationally.
Møkoconsists of three stages divided according to the child’s age and nutritional needs. Møko is available in boxes of 600g.​



LEJOY is a great ​addition to an otherwise diversified diet
LEJOY containing essential vitamins and minerals.
Two of the key ingredients in LEJOY are prebiotics GOS & FOS, which act as food for the gut microbiota and can help to support growth or activity of probiotic bacteria that live in our bodies.
LEJOY is our international standard infant and follow-on formula product series divided into 3 stages.


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